Thursday, August 7, 2008

A few music notes

Stage game

We thank him and head towards a house where a family of musicians is waiting for us. We go and when we enter their home, a big dog starts barking at us but we don’t care. At first, the family didn’t want to play because they had to get ready for the concert, but for some reason ten minutes later they gather and play us some wonderful pieces. The mother sings, and so does the daughter while playing an instrument between a piano and a xylophone and the father along with the son plays a Mongolian guitar. What is wonderful is that the son learnt how to play this instrument from his father and received the grand prize that his father was never able to have. I believe that every son or daughter must have the ambition to do better than the person teaching his or her passion. Their music is sometimes high-pitched, sometimes low-pitched but the voices of the two women are really magnificent. Since they have to go to their concert, we let them get ready and leave. I go back to the cyber cafe and dad to the hotel. It’s getting late to go to the concert. I leave the cyber café with Harry and we go in front of the concert hall. We wait. It’s 7pm and the concert starts in a half-hour. We wait for Ayin and dad to be able to go in. Finally, they arrive when the concert is about to start. On the stage, a little girl is singing Mongolian songs. When she is finished, I go up on the side of the stage to film and photograph. All sorts of dances, traditional, modern, mixed are performed during the show in costumes of different shades of greens and blues. Different sentiments come out of these dances: laughter, crying or joy but mostly the public’s dazzle. It’s fantastic. The show over, we go to the hotel with Ayin to go sleep.

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