Monday, August 11, 2008

An argument between traveling companions

An issue of confidence

We gather a lot of information and head towards our hotel to find a restaurant, but everything is closed. Our dinner ends up being a chocolate bar and a can of Coca Cola. Since I have a lot of texts to write, dad says that he’s going to bed and I’m going to write. When I finish my text I remember that dad asked me to find a plan B for the journey and I search the Internet in the room. I spend more than three hours searching before going to bed, but lying down I have another idea so I get up again to search some more. Dad gets up, tells me to go to bed and goes back to sleep. I finish my research and then go to bed, but I have yet another idea and get back up again. I think it was the idea that broke the camel’s back. Dad wakes up and sees me up. So then he tells me that confidence has been broken and if I keep going on like this, we won’t be able to do the rest of the journey on good terms. I tell him that I’ve spent hours doing research for his plan B and that’s some way to thank me. He tells me that I’m a liar, so I’m disappointed and go to bed.

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