Sunday, August 3, 2008

On the road to Inner Mongolia

Diverging interests on an areal view

We arrive in front of a long corridor and go towards a departure lounge but it’s not the right one. We’re on the wrong side. We turn around and run with our luggage rolling behind us. We do our best to catch up our mistake as quickly as possible. We finally arrive to the right departure lounge, but like the train we should have missed in Beijing at the beginning of our trip, our plane is late. I’m really hungry now. We head towards a restaurant and like usual we take beef noodle soup and fresh fruit juice. In China, when you buy something, they give you a piece of paper that you’re supposed to scratch. It’s their gambling side. I scratch the three papers and on one of them is written: You have won 5 Yuan. I go get them and tell myself: “that’s good”. Then, I run towards dad who’s getting ready to board the plane. We board, but we have to wait for the bus that will take us to the plane. After waiting for 10 minutes, it arrives. We take it and since we are the last ones to board, we end up alone in the bus. We arrive in front of the plane and see that it’s a small Boeing. We go up to the plane and head towards our seats, but since they’re at wing-level and the plane is half empty, dad asks if we can sit further down to have a nice view of the landscape. I’m not as interested in the landscape as he is, so he’s not happy about that. In order for the camera to not take too much space, he puts the wide-angle lens in the magazine holder, takes pictures and films the landscape. I look at the landscape a little and take a few pictures to pass the time. After a two-hour flight, we finally arrive in Hohhot.

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