Saturday, August 16, 2008

Strolling and departure

Reflections on the future

We leave and since dad wants to buy himself a hat, we go back to the commercial street. We go into a hat shop but dad doesn’t find one that he likes. Coming back we pass in front of a saxophonist that looks Mongolian, he’s surely a Buryat from the Buryat Republic that is in Russia, on the border with Mongolia and where the population is of Mongolian origin. We speak with them and they become our friends. They tell us: “We’re the Russian Gangster” and the musician says that his gun is his Sax. After, they talk politics with us. They tell us they mock the United States and also Sarkozy and for them the latter is weak compared to Putin. We say goodbye after having a good laugh at their stories. We go back to Irina’s house. When we arrive, she’s not there. A Swiss man is replacing her, so we speak French with him. When he’s finished giving us information about how to get to the bus terminal, I sit and finish reading my article. That’s when I understand where I really want to go: the Kennedy Government School of Harvard. When I tell this to dad, he’s delighted and we’re ready to go. We leave but since I have a terrible stomachache, I take some time to get to the bus station. I look to see where we can buy tickets but I don’t find since we went to the wrong station. We go a bit further where we find a minibus that will gladly take us where we have to go. I talk to mom and I’m happy. I go in the bus where I end up facing a very blonde baby with blue eyes that reminds me of my cousin Clara, and next to it there’s a woman that reminds me of my German aunt Ursula. I discuss with dad the Kennedy Government School of Harvard and I fall asleep.

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