Thursday, August 7, 2008

Technology in Mongolia

Computer trouble

This morning I’m woken up by Harry and I’m not happy. But dad tells me: “get up, quick”. He shows me a young man and tells me that he’s here to help us install an external hard drive on my portable computer. So I get up, hurry to get ready and come back to see how he does it, but there’s nothing fascinating in this copying besides the fact that it takes ages to do. We have to wait and since I can’t write texts on the Mac, I fall even more behind and waste my time. After an hour, the young man tells us that he has to go and that he’ll be back at around 2 in the afternoon. We wait like idiots doing nothing. So, we decide to go back to the little restaurant we went to yesterday to eat. We order the same dishes since they were so good. When we are finished, since I have to send photos and texts to Paris, we go to a cyber café and I take an hour. During that time, dad goes back with the young man to resolve the last few problems.

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