Sunday, August 10, 2008

Trying to understand Gengis Khan

Night stroll

We begin to walk and we end up in front of a central place where the parliament is. The parliament building is quite large and supported by columns like the ones on Greek and Roman parliaments from the antiquity. In the middle of this building, there’s an enormous statue of Gengis Khan and dad takes pictures. But when he begins to film, policemen come and tell him that it’s forbidden to do so, but dad keeps on filming anyways. They are a little dumb since today, with a digital camera, anyone can film. Then we continue our stroll. In the middle of this place there’s a large bronze statue of a man on a horse and dad plays a lot with the light to take photos. Since I’m hungry, we go look for a restaurant but because it’s Sunday everything is closed. Finally, we end up in a tourist trap that is quite expensive but not that bad. We go back to the hotel and I go back to my texts and when I’ve done quite a bit, I go to bed.

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