Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Happy tomorrows

Forgotten misunderstandings

Today, I wake up without knowing what will happen after our misunderstanding between dad and I. Finally, I see when I wake up that dad is rather happy and speaks to me as if nothing happened; I don’t understand but I figure it’s good. We go downstairs for breakfast and I show him a notebook with my research to repeat to him that it’s not the only thing I looked at on the Internet. He says “I know.” That’s when I understand that he had a look at my browser’s history. We order different things from yesterday to avoid eating something bad. I hear French being spoken all around me. I eat without paying much attention and after, we go upstairs to the room so that I can write a text. While I write, dad puts everything that we have to send to Paris in a FedEx box and brings it down to the FedEx office located in our hotel. As for me, I keep on writing.

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