Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Last night before Russia

We go back to the hotel, get our luggage and a taxi to go to the Lion hotel which is next to the station to spend the night. When we’re finally settled in and dad has a nap while I rack my brains to find the international calling code with the help of the woman at the front desk. While I wait for the information, I write a text and wait. I am so tired that I feel as though I’m going to fall asleep. Dad wakes up and I finally get the code, which is 003. I ask dad for his phone and call my mother to have some news as well as my cousin Roshanak who I asked for information about the trip, like the passage between Narchevan and Turkey. Roshanak is really someone without who this trip would not go forward, the same with mom actually. I also call my cousin Tchekad with whom I’m glad to be talking to, and I call my friend Sam who I think just woke up and it bugs me a little. After, dad goes out to take pictures and I go up to rest. I turn on the television and come across “Plus Belle vie”, and since mom hoped this trip would stop me from watching it, I find it funny hasn’t really helped. The day goes by slowly. When dad comes back, he proposes we go out to eat something and I accept. We go towards a small restaurant where we take these kind of long fritters stuffed with beef. Dad also buys two for beggars that are standing in front of the restaurant’s door and waiting for a few coins. We drink tea with milk; it’s so good! When we finish, we pay the bill and go back to the hotel. On our way back, mom calls but since I’ve already spoken to her she talks mostly with dad but still tells me that my sister Djanan wants to talk to me. So I call on Titou’s cell phone but there’s no answer and I try a few times before finally hearing their voices and I’m happy. Especially when my little sister tells me that my texts are irreproachable. What a compliment! With these words I can sleep peacefully and after saying goodbye, I fall asleep.

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