Sunday, August 3, 2008

The journey's misfits


We get out of the plane when dad realizes we forgot the trolley. So I run to get it. We finally arrive downstairs, in front of the baggage claim. Our luggage is among the first to come and we reach the exit pretty quickly. When we go outside, dad remembers that he forgot the wide-angle lend in the plane. He dashes towards the information desk to ask the young English-speaking woman to call the plane to get it back. She calls and there’s no answer until her boss intervenes and calls everyone who can help us. The plane leaves for another city, so he suggests we wait about an hour. We go in a café. I have an ice café au lait and dad has a tea. I’m not happy because my ice coffee is five times more expensive than in a Chinese KFC and ten times less good. So I begin to write my text. After an hour, the young woman comes to tell us that the plane’s personnel didn’t find our lens, and dad wonders what he can do to find it. In the end, he abandons his idea to fill out a police report that would cost us a lot of time and we decide to leave.

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