Thursday, August 14, 2008

Further on rails

Last moments
This morning, I get up only to write since we have nothing planned besides the departure for the train journey. I take my computer and I write. I write for such a long time that dad asks me to stop so that we don’t miss the train. There’s only one sentence left, so I write it as quickly as possible so that he doesn’t get angry. I join dad in the lobby. We do the check out and put our luggage in the hotel taxi that will bring us to the train station. We take a little break in one of the station’s cafeterias where we eat noodle and beef soup that isn’t very good. Dad is about to begin to eat when a lady he met from a travel agency arrives. We talk with her a little but since the train carrying the tourists she’s accompanying arrives, she leaves us. At that moment dad, who barely touched his food, dashes to find a post office to send the post cards. Everything is closed and after exchanging “tourgrouts” for “rubles”, dad ask the man he met yesterday if he could send the post cards for us. He accepts. Let’s hope he keeps his word. Dad comes back running and tells me that we have to hurry, so I take the luggage and run towards the train.

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