Friday, August 8, 2008

Tastes and distastes

Sad world news

After this lesson on Chinese characters, we go up into a separate room like the last two times and as usual I order the same thing, but dad orders vegetable raviolis on top of the rest. I taste some but I don’t like the vegetables that are inside so I let dad have them all and eat those that are stuffed with meat. Ayin hands me a bottle of peach juice that I drink quickly and since he sees that I’m done, he gives me another one. But I prefer to drink tea and again I drink my peach juice quickly to show Ayin that I like it. When I finish drinking my tea, we leave. Dad has to pack and I have to send things from the cyber café, so he drops me off at the cyber café and goes to the hotel. At the cyber café, I had brought my USB key with my texts and I send them by email to my mom and my little sister Djanan. Then, I spend 4 hours in front of my computer doing research. Looking at the news, I come across an article that delivers news I don’t like, for our journey and for the country it’s war in South Ossetia between Georgia and Russia, which forces us to cross out Georgia for this trip. The other news are rather good, but war is never good news and I hope the conflict will be resolved soon. After four hours of doing research, dad and Ayin come get me, it’s about 7:30pm.

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