Sunday, August 17, 2008

Taking a break and encounters

Stories of geography

A group of three young men enters, they come from the city of a thousand lights, the city of joy, of music and especially the city of dreams that is called Paris. The three young men leave and we leave too to go to the museums. We see sea lions and a lot of fish of many different colors that can be found in Lake Baikal. Dad takes pictures and films while I photograph. We go upstairs where there’s a timeline of Lake Baikal and there I hear people speaking Chinese. I am happy and I never thought that I would miss the “country in the middle.” We leave and in front of the museum there are souvenir vendors. We buy postcards and a very funny magnet that shows a picture of Vladimir Putin or Dimitri Medvedev when you move it. We go home and I continue writing. When the three French come back, I take a break and to get a little energy back, I go talk with these young men. I explain to them our trip and give them our card. I learn that they are teachers of my favorite subject. It’s the one that makes you travel in time with Napoleon, Charlemagne, Cesar and many others that also have us travel through many countries and landscapes, that has us discover and reflect. For me, it’s one of the best time machines; we call it “history-geography”.

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