Saturday, August 9, 2008

Tension is climbing

Last Chinese city in Inner Mongolia

When I return with Ayin’s friend, we take a Taxi to the train station to buy the tickets for Ulan Bator. After a long passport control, we have two tickets for tonight at midnight on the dot. First step to get out of China. I find dad a little tense. I tell myself that he might be tired. So, we go to the hotel and since I have to install software on my PC, I go down to the lobby to John’s office and begin to install it with the help of my cousin Roshanak over the phone. But the connection is so slow that it takes more than two hours, so I wait. At about 9:30 pm dad, Ayin’s friend and his son call me to go eat. I get up and leave my computer running. We go to a restaurant where Ayin’s friend orders us a Mongolian dish, a soup with noodles on the side that are to be mixed with the juice. When we are finished, dad goes into a shop where he looks for tea. After searching for ten minutes he finally finds his tea, buys it and we leave. I go check on my computer but since the installation only worked halfway, I cancel everything and decide to install it again in Ulan Bator. It’s time to leave, so we look for a taxi and head to the train station. Since Ayin’s friend can’t fit in the taxi, we thank him and leave.

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