Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Between father and son

Discussions and flirting

In the bus, same as on the way over, I talk to dad. I like talking with him since he has a certain reflection and knowledge of the world today, and we can debate different topics and I learn a lot from him. He’s more than a father to me, he a friend and also a master who teaches me to reflect and think. Same as the way over, it takes us an hour to arrive at our destination and like the day before, the train station is closed and we have to wait until the next day to buy our tickets to Irkutsk. We are really hungry. We come across a fashionable restaurant that shows on one television weight lifting and on the other basketball, but the food preparation takes too long; so we settle for the restaurant we ate at for lunch. Instead of pizza, I order lasagna. Halfway through our meal, dad waves at the two Americans we had met in the train and that were coming randomly our way. Dad tells them what we did, but since we told them bad things about the program, they don’t seem to appreciate. Dad takes down a few addresses and because they’re in a hurry, we say goodbye and get back to our meal. I watch basketball on the television next to which a group of cute girls are gathered, and then a young man who doesn’t know these girls sits with them to flirt. He’s a Canadian who speaks French and then I pay no more attention to this “flirt party” because the basketball is over and we go back to the hotel. I write two texts and then go to bed.

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