Sunday, August 3, 2008

The train to the city of Xilinhot

A soft sleeper car for sensitive backs

At that moment, the young woman who did her best to help us runs towards us and suggests coming with us to help us out. We gladly accept and she gets in the taxi. She asks the driver to take us to the train station. After fifteen minutes, we arrive at the station. Dad pays the driver and with our luggage we head towards the ticket booth. The young woman asks a lady employee if she can help us get our tickets since our train is leaving soon. I specify that we would like to have soft beds, the equivalent of first class, and she says ok. After three minutes, we have the tickets. Since we’re hungry, we go to a restaurant and the young woman helps us choose, but since she has a schedule she doesn’t stay to eat with us. We thank her and she leaves us. We eat and towards the end of our meal, dad’s phone rings. It’s the young woman checking to see if everything’s all right. We say yes and she tells us her colleague checked the plane but didn’t find anything. We thank her. Since it’s time to take our train to Xilinhot, we go to the station and go through all the controls. Dad thinks that we might get hungry and thirsty, so he asks me to buy water and biscuits. And that’s what I do. Coming back, I see dad talking with two English-speaking Chinese men. They are in the same carriage as us and they tell us that we can ask them for anything if ever we have problems. We thank them and go towards the train. Midway, dad stops to film trains leaving. When he’s finished, we head towards our carriage. But since the train is full, we wait to see if anyone leaves their seat. Meanwhile, the English-speaking man and one of his friends come to speak with us. They are drunk and I don’t like drunks. After waiting fifteen minutes, the controller tells us that there is no more room. So we stay where we are and put away our luggage as best as we could. We get ready to sleep when a drink vendor comes along with her trolley like they do in all trains. Dad buys me an ice tea and he buy’s himself an ice green tea. He also buys a bottle of ice tea for our neighbor, and in return she gives us a banana. I go up in my bed. It’s a hard bed but not too uncomfortable. I lie down and wait to fall asleep, but dad falls asleep before I do. While he’s sleeping, I film what’s happening outside and since I’m having some trouble, I give up and fall asleep.

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