Saturday, August 9, 2008

On the road to the city of Xilinhot

Leaving and escaping through sleep

Today it’s about 4:30 am when I wake up. Since all the luggage is ready, I don’t have to stress and can get ready quietly. I bring down the luggage to meet our driver as planned at 5 am, he’s the one who will bring us to Xilinhot. He helps us load the car and after doing our check out, we say goodbye to the hotel and our friend Ayin. When we are done with our goodbyes, we take the car. Since it’s only the driver, dad and I, dad sits in the front seat and I stretch my legs on the back seat and sleep. When I wake up, I find myself in Xilinhot and dad’s been trying to wake me up for 10 minutes. Well, that shows how tired I am. It’s not so simple to travel from one point to the other. We are in front of a small restaurant for breakfast and I order flatbreads and milked tea, it’s wonderfully good. This restaurant seems to be popular with noises coming from all sides, it looks like a bazaar and it’s fun.

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