Sunday, August 10, 2008

Unfruitful strolls

Photos and rudeness

That’s when we end up facing an entire group of Japanese queuing in a disciplined manor, and wait a long time before our turn comes. Coming out, dad sees a travel agency with a map of Mongolia on the wall. He wants to photograph it but the lady at the reception says no. Since dad wants to take this picture he tells her jokingly: “Don’t worry, Stalin is dead” and he takes the picture. We go further down to take a taxi to go to the train station. Outside, dad takes pictures and comes across a boy who sells objects but more particularly, he offers people who don’t have a telephone to use his telephone. So, of course, dad takes a photo of him but the boy isn’t happy about it and flips him off and I’m about to smash his face in. We go away. When we arrive, everything is closed so we can’t buy our tickets. We decide to postpone that until tomorrow. Dad films a train departing and after, we leave. Going back, we do a small round of hotels to see if there isn’t a cheaper one closer to the train station. Always a question of budget.

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