Sunday, August 17, 2008

Thoughts on politics

A revolt against injustice

I talk to them about traveling and also about Google Earth, which is for me the best tool to teach the subject of history-geography, but one of the teachers can’t use it since for his high school, Lycée de Seine Saint Denis, buying curtains is too expensive and they have to wait until winter to use projections in classes when they are early or late enough in the day, when it’s still dark outside. So, while Mr. Sarkozy’s Government is making tons of promises on education, some schools surrounding Paris don’t even have enough money to buy curtains, to be able to project classes or maps using projectors and after, they complain that the youths from the suburbs are rabbles that don’t like to go to school and only think of setting fire to cars! No Mr. Sarkozy, it’s not Neuilly everywhere in France! If you only give money to Neuilly’s multibillionaires, how do you expect there to be an equality between schooling in money-filled Neuilly and schooling where they’re not even given the means to buy curtains in the suburbs? I’m sorry but Mr. Sarkozy, with your actions in favor of your multibillionaire friends and in disfavor of the entire country, it’s you we should eject from this position of President of the Republic that was given to you out of error. After all these reflections, I go back to my writing and continue to write.

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